The Vatera Specialists

We are your Vatera specialists! This is your #1 tourist guide and everything about Vatera resource!

Come here to learn about Vatera and the greater area of Lesvos, Greece. This website is geared towards tourists and/or people thinking about vacationing in Lesvos.

What makes us the Vatera Specialists?

15 years ago I journeyed to Lesvos for a vacation and found Vatera. I fell in love with is so much! Over the years I visited and vacationed there repeatedly. I’ve discovered the city and towns inside and out. I’ve made good friends and met all types of people from around Lesvos and Vatera.

My goal is to share with you my passion and love for the Vatera so that people may enjoy it as much as I do. So, if you’re planning on vacationing to Greece, particularly Lesvos, consider visiting Vatera. Come here to find out why.