You might be wondering, where should you go when you take a break from all your holiday fun activities? Here are the 5 best restaurants in Vatera that should satisfy your appetite.

I saved up from my pet service business in Hawaii ( to take a trip to Greece. Lesvos was one of the areas we traveled to and here’s my take on the top 5 best restaurants.

1. Thalassa Restaurant & Beach Bar. Many visitors to Vatera really appreciate this place. The seafood dishes are absolutely fresh, and the friendly waiters are always ready to assist you with your orders. The service is very quick, and meanwhile you can enjoy the Wi-Fi connection and the fabulous view of the beach. The cocktails are also refreshing, while the music also makes the atmosphere more festive.

2. Vatera Beach Hotel Cafe and Snack Bar Restaurant. This establishment offers a family atmosphere, which shouldn’t be surprising since a friendly family does run the place. Here you can enjoy fresh fish including tuna and even swordfish, while you appreciate the view of the Aegean Sea as the place is right next to the beach. The cuisine is mostly Greek and the portions are huge, though there are also hotdogs and burger options for those who want them. There are cocktails too! Continue reading