Hotel Vatera Beach Review

Hotel Vatera Beach Review

If you’re looking for a hotel in Greece where you can relax, the Hotel Vatera is a good place to visit. Find out why in this review. 

If you read Hotel Vatera reviews you’ll realize that many people highly recommend this hotel. This is a popular hotel in Vatera and Vatera Beach in Lesvos is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Greece. With 7 kilometers of continuous sandy beach, this awesome sight is a great way to start the day while you’re sipping your coffee. The water is so clean that the beach has been awarded exactly for its clear and clean waters.

The rooms are very clean as well. They have carpet cleaners clean the room’s carpets after every guest stay!

How Do You Get There?

It’s located along the coast right between the Gulfs of Kaloni and Yera. It’s near the town called Polychnitou, where you can find the awesome hot mineral baths. The town of Vatera itself is the epitome of small-town relaxation. Here you’ll find pizza parlors, tavernas, a few tiny bars, and several small shops. Clearly, the beach is the main hangout for fun. 

Getting to Vatera is easy, as a taxi can take you there once you land in Lesvos. If you’re renting a car, you can also pass through the paved road from the main Mytilini road near the Gulf of Yera, and that takes you straight to Vatera.

Hotel Vatera Beach (Lesvos) Review

Hotel Amenities

While many couples do stay here, it’s mostly a place where families can relax and enjoy themselves on holiday. The management at Hotel Vatera knows all about families since the place is run by a family too. They’re all longtime natives, and they can tell you about all the places to visit and all the restaurants to go to for your meals. They can even tell you about gossip tidbits about each and every place in the area.

The hotel is what you would expect for any excellent place for families to spend time in. The personnel is meticulous about cleanliness, and if there’s a problem of any sort they will immediately rush to solve the problem. They will rush so you can relax, as you lounge about on the balcony and you enjoy the cool Aegean breeze.

Review: Vatera Beach Hotel

What to Do in Hotel Vatera

Most of the guests who come here aren’t first-timers to the hotel. They’ve been coming here for years, most of them from the northern part of Europe. They’re here to laze about languidly while enjoying a nice glass of ouzo with some mezedes to nibble on. Here in Vatera Beach as in all of Greece, you don’t drink without some food.

The beach is always fun, and the hotel staff can provide you with umbrellas and lounge chairs you can use on the beach. You can even get towels from them too. In the morning the buffet breakfast is quite tasty, and you’ll be able to get some pancakes, eggs, fruits, and bread to go along with your morning coffee or tea. Everything happens right near the water, so even dinner is possible by the shore while you enjoy the sunset.

Snorkeling is possible on the beach, but for most families, the fun is all about playing with the fish in the sea by the shore. Your kids can play with baby octopuses too. Meanwhile, you can relax by the beach with your ouzo as you take in the breathtaking sights that surround you.


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