Irini Hotel Review

Irini Hotel Review

Looking for some rest and relaxation by the beach in Greece? You have to try the Irini Hotel in Lesvos. Find out why in this review.

For visitors to the island of Lesvos in Greece, the Irini Hotel is an ideal hotel for couples and families alike. This hotel in Vatera is right by the beach, so getting to enjoy the sand and the water is a matter of walking a few yards from the hotel’s entrance.

Hotel Amenities

There are many amenities you can enjoy during your stay. There is free parking if you rented a car. There are a bar and a pool out front. The hotel is spacious, and very conspicuous in its cleanliness. It may be a budget hotel, but the sparkling pool water, the huge size of the pool, and the overall spaciousness of your surroundings is a luxury that’s hard to beat. 

The rooms are nice, roomy, and spotless. They all have balconies where you can spend time relaxing while you enjoy the ocean breeze. The hotel itself is nestled between the mountains and the beach, with gardens in the property. It’s the very antithesis to the urban jungle.

The bar and the pool are really nice and the hotel itself isn’t far to the restaurants in the vicinity. You can enjoy a leisurely stroll to these restaurants, but the hotel may also lend you a bike if you want to ride a bike to town.

But you don’t have to go to a restaurant to enjoy good food. The hotel itself offers savory dishes, and you can enjoy them by the pool while relaxing in the cool breeze, with nice soft music in the background and attentive servers are on hand.

Irini Hotel (Vatera, Greece) Review

Beach Fun

If you like taking long walks on the beach, then you’re going to love Vatera Beach. It offers up to 7 kilometers (a little over 4.3 miles) of uninterrupted sand, while the water is so clean that the beach has even been awarded for its exceptional cleanliness.

Many families come here, with kids playing with the sand and the tiny octopi while mommy and daddy enjoy ouzo and mezedes. Some may also choose to enjoy the swimming pool instead, especially when it’s dark.

For the most part, this isn’t a beach of crowds. It’s a beach of seclusion, and those who like privacy and solitude will find this place idea. It’s a perfect way to find serenity and calm for the soul, as a way to rejuvenate after the wear and tear of living in the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are no crowds to speak of, which can be a relief after you’ve spent time in the busy European capitals looking at popular museums and tourist spots. Here it’s all about enjoying the serene holiday atmosphere.

Grab a book, get a lounge chair by the beach, and enjoy some ouzo. Forget about your workplace troubles. Just enjoy the sight of the beach and the laughter of your kids, while you stay in a place where the staff makes sure that your rooms are clean, the food is good, and you’re comfortable. In the Irini Hotel, everything seems perfect, which is why some guests have been visiting every year for decades!

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