Things to Do in Vatera

Things to Do in Vatera

Lounging on Vatera Beach is a great way to spend the day, but you may find a lot more things to do in Vatera than you think. 

When you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, Vatera Beach is an ideal destination for couples, friends and families. Here, parents can really relax in the beach and in spas. Young children will find the bay octopuses and the turtles fascinating, while adults can snorkel in the water during the day and then enjoy the nightlife in the outskirts of town. Moreover, you can find lots of other tourist spots in the surrounding areas around Vatera.

How to Get There

Getting to Vatera depends a lot on where you’re coming form. If you’re coming from outside the country, a Lesvos travel agency can help you secure your travel arrangements, so you won’t have to figure out how to get to Vatera all by yourself.

  1. Usually, this means your flight from wherever you are will take you to Venizelos International Airport in Athens.
  2. From the airport, you will need a taxi service that can bring you to the Port of Pireaus, where you can get a ferry to reach Mytilini in Lesvos. But you can also take one of the 4 daily flights from Athens to Mytilini airport.
  3. From Mytilini, another taxi service can take you to your Vatera Beach accommodations, which can be a hotel or an apartment.

Daytime Fun 

There are plenty of things to do in Vatera during the day. The beach is of course an obvious choice, which boasts of 7 kilometers of beautiful white sand. You will find lots of deserted spots here, so if you’re on a romantic vacation you and your loved one have your own private spot. Snorkeling here is a great way to pass the time, as the water is very clear and lots of fish stay close to the shore.

There are plenty of hotels and restaurants in the area, and if you explore a little you can find the river where the turtles are waiting for you to give them some of your bread. You may also stumble upon places like the ruins of the Christian church and the temple of Dionysius the Spring Born.

In addition, you should really visit the natural hot springs of Polychnitou. The hot springs are hot! There are main baths for men and women, although if you’re going as a family or couple the people there may allow you to come together if there aren’t any other bathers. Here in Polychnitou you can also find museums, traditional shops, and mansions in ruins.

You may also want to visit the town of Vrisa, where you can find the Museum of Natural History. Here you can find fossils of plants and animals that are 1.6 million years old.

Vatera Night Life


When the sun sets, young adults can go back to Polychnitou where there are clubs and bars dotting the place. You can also find these places in the outskirts of town along the beach road. The hotels have some nice bars as well.

Then you can wake up nice and fresh the next morning and continue your exploration of the entire island of Lesvos. Or you can just head back to the beach. When it comes to beauty and relaxation, Vatera Beach is simply the perfect place to be.

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